Getting started with Process Portal

Use Process Portal to work on your assigned tasks and collaborate with others to complete your work efficiently. In addition, if you have the associated permission, you can work with process instances, or use dashboards to view and act on the performance of individuals, teams, and processes.

Use a web browser to access Process Portal. The web address has the following format:
Provide the name of the host on which IBM® Process Center Server or IBM Process Server is installed and the port that was designated for the server during IBM Business Process Manager installation.
Tip: To make accessing Process Portal from an Apple iPad easier, add an icon for the Process Portal URL to the home screen of the iPad.
The following figure shows the main areas of the default Process Portal interface.
Figure 1. Main areas of the default Process Portal interfaceThis figure shows the default Process Portal window that is displayed when you start Process Portal. The window has different functional areas. Each of these areas is numbered and then described in the table that follows the figure. The numbers that are used in the figure and in the table are referential only and do not appear in the actual user interface.
The following table describes each of the numbered areas in the preceding figure.
Table 1. Description of the main areas of the default Process Portal interface
Area Description
1 The start page icon. Your designated start page is shown whenever you log in to Process Portal. You can bookmark a different page, including a search results page or a dashboard page, to be your start page.
2 The Work page. This page contains both the tasks that you have claimed to work on and the tasks that are available for you to claim.
3 The Processes page. This page contains a list of the active and completed process instances.
4 The Team Performance dashboard. Use this dashboard to monitor the performance of your teams and their members, and to balance workload across members of a team.

You must be a member of a team of managers to access this dashboard.

5 The Process Performance dashboard. Use this dashboard to monitor the performance of processes, and the progress of individual process instances.

You must be a process owner to access this dashboard.

6 The organize tabs icon. Click the icon to display a list of all the dashboards and saved searches that are available to you. Drag pages in the list to reorder the tabs and to designate which pages are visible.
Attention: Reordering the pages is not supported for Safari on iPad.
7 Links to your user preferences page and Logout. Click your name to work with your user preferences, for example, to update your business card information, or to change your notification preferences.
8 The tabbed area. The tabs that are shown here depend on the Process Portal page that you are using. When the Work page is displayed, this area contains the following tabs:
Use this tab to start instances of processes and human services.
Use this tab to follow the work that is done on a specific process and add your comments to it.
Use this tab to see a list of your collaboration invitations and posts that mention your name.
9 The other spaces icon. This icon is available only for Process Portal on IBM Business Process Manager Advanced. Click the icon to navigate to other Process Portal spaces.
10 The copy link icon. Use this link to refer to the current Process Portal page in documents and emails, or to directly access the page in a browser window.